Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Bundle of Two

After thirty-six hours of labor and high risk for Mom and babes, two more grandchildren have joined my  family. It has been an exhausting few days filled with concern. On Monday Emma managed to finally break through to the outside. Her little eyes were black and blue and a hematoma rose up from her scalp. She was rushed over to intubate immediately. No longer had she appeared when Nolan rushed into the world. Both babies are fine. And beautiful.

It is an amazing thing, this thing of birth. One day you are waiting for new life and the next you are thrown into chaos you have never experienced before. I held my new granddaughter this morning wondering at her adventure, that from a warm dark tranquil nest into bright lights and the new experiences of hunger, clothing and creatures staring into her face. Her eyes crack open. Only a small crack, because it seems that no matter how high her eyebrows arch, her little eyelids seem to be very difficult to part. After a quick peek, she decided closed is better. Nolan on the other hand loves to smile. It starts on one side of his face then goes to the other often settling into the middle. It used to be believed it was gas. Not so much any more. I prefer to think theses smiles are caused by a peaceful mind listening to a new world.

I apologize for not writing. The babies were born on Monday, and I am still dragging. Tomorrow I go back to work but will still have baby time when possible.

Yes, I am busy with little fingers and little toes, downy heads and sweet mewling sounds. Blessings come in tiny bundles. Ours came in a bundle of two.

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