Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Fields Cried for Rain

The crops were bad that summer. Little rain fell to dampen the cracked soil. Corn stalks withered and curled. Along with the corn, other crops would not yield what was needed to get us through the winter months. There was nothing to be done for it. It was the way of the farm. The life of the farm family. 

A farmer does not get a check at the end of every two weeks to keep his/her business going and the family fed. The budget for the next year depends on healthy crops. A dry summer means a difficult winter and less money to put into seed for the following spring.

I remember when our crops didn't yield. Dad seemed to be distracted and always worried. Of course, Mom powered through it always sure we would make it and the farm would survive for another. So what keeps the farmer working the land? What keeps the farmer in constant this struggle with nature? I believe that  despite the hard work and disappointments, the soil holds the heart of the farmer and refuses to let it go.

We were not rich. At least not in coin. The life of a farm family is blessed. Life and death is part of our growing up with livestock and pets. We learn about birth. We learn about purpose and commitment. The women work side by side with their men; therefore, children learn what it is to be family. When one farmer suffers loss from a dry season, he knows that all neighbors are suffering the same. It is a community of the land.

The season seem to be changing. Oregon seems to be damper longer and our summers run into fall. We live in a changing world. I'm not sure how we change with the weather that presents itself. Some think that global warming is a myth. I'm one who does not. With the extinction of more and more animals, with the changing in the weather and melting of glaciers, I don't see how we can deny it. I'm not sure how we exist with it.

 My heart goes out to those farmers who are suffering the drought. It will be tough year for them and their families. I am a neighbor. I am a part of that soil.

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