Saturday, July 21, 2012

Learning the Ropes

I was surrounded by babies all or my life. Fuzzy baby chicks. Curly baby lambs. Pink baby rabbits. Wobbly calves. Baby turtles in the creek. Tadpoles and minnows. Small kittens and little puppies. Babies.

Mom always babysat for every neighborhood child. Yet her daughters did not sit for babies. Soft little newborn people were a mystery to us. Somehow picking up a bottle and slapping a nipple on it as we did for the abandoned lambs was easy. And, the lambs were thankful. No diapers with animals. Just scrap out the pen, and it was all done. No nightly feedings. No need for baths. But babies are different.

When I had my kids, I was so scared and oblivious to what I was doing. We lived in Wisconsin at the time with no family nearby. We learned it all by trial and error....and Dr. Spock.....and Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book. It was not easy.

Now with two grandchildren ages ten and thirteen under my belt, I have become a pro for these preemie twins. We are ready for adventure.  I can't wait to tell the kids about about kittens and puppies, about lambs and calves, about bunnies and little peeps. Already I am telling them stories, stories about a little girl growing up on a farm and her adventures.

Those days with the baby animals have indeed made me a better grandma. They taught me about love, about dedication, about tenderness. They taught me to love babies.

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