Friday, July 13, 2012

Pants Standing at Attention

Today a friend posted a picture on Facebook of something old asking if anyone knew what it was. Well, I did. It was what Mom called pant hangers. An expandable wire frame fit into each leg of the pants then were stretched. Mom hung the pants as such on the clothesline. They rather looked like they were standing, er hanging, at attention.

We seem to tuck those things that were from another time into a little pocket somewhere in the back of our brains. Once they are jogged loose something happens. A whole bunch of memories are released as well.

Last week this friend posted an old ice cube tray with the handle that when pulled loosened the ice cubes. It was a coincidence that last week my boss purchased an old Hotpoint refrigerator. One that would have indeed had two of those ice trays in the freezer. This 30 something year old man was thrilled with his find.

"So how did your wife like the refrigerator?" I asked him.

"She said it was old," he answered. He then showed me a picture of the frig in the kitchen. I had to admit that it was pretty darn cute.

I chuckle when I see retro things such as lawn furniture. I guess they were good back then so should be great now. A retro glider, lawn chair and table set sit outside of our grocery. No one has purchased it yet, but many people just sit for a spell.

One of the postings below the picture of the ice tray was from a young man who said he'd never give up his ice maker. Another young woman agreed. Evidently, they never had fruit juice made into ice cubes. I'm pretty sure they never saw pants standing on the clothesline. And I doubt very much that they ever used a wringer washer. I do hope that someday they have those tucked away memories that make them smile. Perhaps they will be of ice cubes shooting out of refrigerator.

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