Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To my Neff Road readers,

I have added a new column on my A Grandparents Voice blog (agrandparentsvoice.com). It is a Care List for cares and concerns. I decided to add the column since I have so many people come into the store looking for get well and sympathy cards. I hear stories and want to do something. Also on Facebook friends posts their needs. This is a way to support one another regardless of religious belief. I feel it is a way I can help bring together the power we possess to do good. If you have people or concerns you would like added, please let me know. I will rotate names out weekly. No matter what your religion or belief, this place is for all of us to come together bringing our energy and support to one another. I am taking Natalie off the list because today she had good news....no cancer.

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