Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dig Spot

Seems she is working her way to China. It's a slow, dirty process, but for an Airedale, a little dirt is just fine. Millie has her dig spot just because she loves to dig. The small hole that began when she was little has grown now into a long narrow trench. When she digs, only a portion of her back shows above ground. She is working her way to China.

My son lives in an old farm house on one half acre. This is unusual for a house in town. Yet the little house sits in country quiet in a busy little suburb. It will be a great place for two little ones to run and play. Millie, however, has already staked out her territory.

James noticed some time ago that Millie was digging around an old bottle embedded in the wall of her 'moat'. He was surprised when she managed to dig up a small bottle instead of finishing off the larger bottle in her dig. It was an old bottle of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing. The bottle was filled with dirty water and a dead weed. After it was washed out, much of the bluing remained on the sides of the bottle and a small cork sat at the bottom. The bottle was embossed with Mrs. Stewart's information, so we knew some background on Millie's find. I looked it up on Ebay and found out that the bottle is worth about $12.99. Mrs. Stewart and her family started selling her bluing from their home. That home business turned into one that still is active today. I also found out that there are many people who collect bottles, but there are few dogs collecting. Millie might be the only one.

It was not unusual for items to be dumped in a backyard or a field back in the days when there was no trash pickup or recycling.....even in Oregon. So now we are excited to see if Millie will find more treasures. A little bottle with blue dappled sides reminiscent of 'wash' hanging on the line and clothes pins. I can almost smell those clothes bleached by the sun (and stiff as a board) that smelled of fresh air.

Millie's treasure sits in the kitchen window. Just like a child, her parents are showing off her achievements.The day Millie digs up a saki bottle might be the time to fill in the hole. I'm not sure what Millie will find next, but I think maybe we need to get her a shovel.

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