Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Litany of Puppy, Tales

Bubbles was the puppy of our collie. Her litter lived in the old barn. Having only vague memories of my early childhood, Bubbles was just a blurry memory of fur. The blurry memory became much more when the puppy was hit by a car on Neff Road. I never knew how the puppy got all the way down the lane to the road, but one less puppy resided in the barn. I always loved the old barn. Perhaps because it held so many memories, especially one of a puppy named Bubbles.

We had other dogs on the farm. Sometimes Mom and Dad took care of someone's dog. They stayed in residence for a bit then moved on. Sometimes a puppy just seemed to disappear. I learned not to ask questions. We never seemed to have long dry spells where a dog was not in residence. When one wasn't, often another animal stepped in to fill the 'pet' gap. We treasured them all.

We went to the Bright's house to see the new puppies. I got to pick  the puppy I wanted. Eyes still closed and nursing, the puppy would not come home to live with me for several weeks. Aunt Alma was staying with the Loxley girls when Whitey came to stay. Uncle Sam had his first heart attack. Mom and Dad were in Michigan with Aunt Bess. I remember sitting with Aunt Alma on the porch swing with the little, white puppy in my lap. She had come to stay with her grand nieces. Whitey was hit by a car the day we buried Uncle Sam who had died from his last heart attack. Our family mourned.

Dad never had a dog after we lost the sweet cocker. We had lost a member of our family and knew that he couldn't be replaced.

I have had a dogs in my life since then. On the farm, I learned compassion for animals and gave my heart to them all. We were blessed to have pets in our lives. Animals that gave their love to little girls who needed it. I miss you, sweet puppies. Thank you for your love, from a little girl from Neff Road.

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