Thursday, December 20, 2012

You are my angel

Little girl:  Daddy it won't bubble
Daddy:  Let it warm up, Pam. It will in a little bit.
Little girl:  Daddy, it still won't bubble.
Daddy:  Just flick it with your fingers.
Little girl: Oooooo
The bubble lights brought the tree to life.

Daddy:  Come here, Pam. (The Daddy lifted the little girl holding the blue angel.) Can you reach it?
Little girl: Ooooooo. She's beautiful.

Dad: A car is coming down the road! I think its them. It is!
We all run to the door when the gravel scatters beneath the wheels of the car. I was first out of the house. My sister June was the next to arrive.

Baby Stacey was in bed. Jobi, Brad and Trevor opened presents laughing as paper scattered around the living room. Mom and Dad laughed. I swear he had a tear in his eye.

The family would gather only one more Christmas. James was added to the family by then. The family was even more scattered. The old bubble lights were replaced by snowball lights. The angel more tattered resided in the box while a star took her place.

I placed the old red bell on the tree. A piece of thread looped over the branch. To my grandchildren it looked old and outdated. To me it held all the years of Christmas on the farm.

The bubble light was firmly pushed into the socket. It was time for the store to open.

Nathale: Just tip the light over so it will bubble.
Pam:  No, just flick it with your fingers.

Once more the little girl was seated beneath the tree watching the bubbles rise. Once more she was home.

Pam:  Dad, can I put the angel on the top of the tree once more.
Dad:  Oh, Pam, didn't you know? You are my angel.

Merry Christmas and season good wishes to you all. I send each and every one of you my love. Pass it on.

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