Monday, April 15, 2013

Makes me Smile

Some things are just not forgotten. Go to a vintage store and find all sorts of memorabilia. When I visit an antique store, I walk around with a silly smile on my face, looking at all of those collectibles. Collectibles, bah! Those are things from my past. A past not so long ago in my mind.

I decided to have a walk down memory lane. This thought started when I had a 'flashback' memory of my dad's coin purse. It was a little rubbery oval that when the ends were pushed, the coin purse opened, so he could extract change. I think he carried it more for me than for himself. I loved squeezing the little coin purse. Anyway, this got me thinking about those things from the past. I decided to go on Ebay and check out some of the items that had accompanied me throughout the fifties.

Cat-eye glasses. My friend Vivian wore a pair of white, cat-eye glasses. The current rage was the 50 yard crinoline. Dresses ran the gambit with the sack dress, the chemise dress, drop waist dress. Pedal pushers were in style. Circle skirts, flared skirts, poodle skirts, pencil skirts and pleated skirts appeared at one time or another. Saddle shoes and skinny heeled shoes were popular as well as white bucks.  And, the fairer sex had to suffer with girdles and garter belts. Nylons came in a pair always requiring a bottle of clear nail polish in case of a run.

We played with paper doll sets. I still have ragged, well-loved sets of the musical Oklahoma, Janet Lennon and Debbie Reynolds. I had a Terri Lee Doll, a Toni Doll, a walking doll and a Tiny Tears doll. We sang along with the Mouseketeers, "M i c (c you real soon) k e y (y? because we like you) M o u s e." All of the girls loved Spin and Marty.

Many of us had our first television. We were entertained by Red Skelton, Arthur Godfrey, Ed Sullivan, Show of Shows, Alfred Hitchcock and Playhouse 90. Cowboys were at their best: Rifleman, Rin Tin Tin, Bronco, Yancy Derringer, Cheyenne, Maverick, Sugarfoot, Wyatt Earp. "Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb," came along with 77 Sunset Strip. Hawaiian Eye took us to an exotic island. Peter Gunn, Dragnet, The Untouchables and Bourbon Street Beat gave us adventure. I had crush on Zorro, Tim Considine and Tommy Rettig. Lassie had won all of our hearts. We hugged our dogs a little closer and stood a little prouder for we were country kids, too.

Most everyone had a Plaid cooler to take on picnics.  We took it to Stillwater Beach where we picnicked then went for a swim. Conversation was popular back then. The computer/digital age had not yet imposed on what we called visiting. We shared a party line and just dropped by. I was a kid for most of the 50's, which took me from age three to thirteen. From a simple life to one of unsettled times. The 50's. The 50's make me smile.

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