Monday, August 12, 2013

Just a reminder

The big calendar hung on the wall. It was from the grain elevator on Red River/West Grove Road. Dad had a doctor appointment. Mom was going to something at the Extension Service. One could always check out the phases of the moon. The other source of information was the Farmer's Almanac. With these two items, we could know the day, the appointments on any specific day, the past, the present and the predicted future weather. The cart beneath the TV in the kitchen also held other resources: the current phone book, last year's phone book, Guidepost, Farm Journal and various other media that arrived in the mail. We were never short on resources.

Religious information was also handy in case we had immediate need of inspiration. The Gospel Messengers from the last three years were deposited in various places around the house. Mom's worn out Bible was in the bathroom (good place to focus on the Good Book). The hymnal sat on the piano and a few church programs were always lying around. Our souls were covered no matter what room we were in at any given time.

I remember when as newlyweds we moved into the Lawrence place. Orville had never thrown away anything. Every magazine and newspaper they had received was stacked in the barn and loft. We didn't live there long enough to discover all of the handy information that surrounded us.  It seems the mice had a run at it before we did. Or it could be that we moved to Wisconsin in less than a year from moving into our sweet farm house. A source of history missed.

I don't need a calendar, almanac, dictionary or books. I can get all of it on the internet. I can actually get all of it on my phone. I like the efficiency of the computer. I like that I can sit at an appointment and check out all of the above while I wait. I can even entertain myself with a game or take pictures of other people staring at their phones. It seems that friendly dialogue is replaced by texting. Now a farmer can go online and find out what the weather will be for the next week. All the most recent farming news is easily attained with a few words Googled. I can find the history of farming in Darke County Ohio and read my Daily Advocate. I guess this might be considered progress. Hm. I prefer paper and conversation.

I wonder what Mom and Dad would think of all this. Dad would probably shake his head sure that this too would all pass. Mom would probably surprise me and want to learn all about it. I'm waiting for the day when we can read minds. I hope someone wants to play mental Scrabble.

Oh, just got a reminder on my column is due.

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Granny-Guru said...

My Mom asked for a computer for her 80th birthday. She'd been a secretary all her life, so had no trouble with the keyboard. But, she didn't really get it. "But, you can write letters to your friends!" I told her. She was an excellent typist, of course, so didn't need a computer for corrections. "But, you can look up all the other people who are interested in the same things and talk to them!" I encouraged her. But, she already had friends with the same interests and didn't need to go looking for more. After she'd satisfied her curiosity, she stopped using it.