Friday, August 23, 2013

The Flouroscope

"Was it in Bradford?" I asked my sister who was at my mercy in her hospital bed."I'm sure it was in Bradford," I answered myself.

She laid there concentrating. "I think you're right. It could be Greenville, but I think it was in Bradford."

Now this has nothing to do with what I'm writing about except that this is the way some of my topics surface. A bit of bouncing back and forth rememberings of an older sister and one who came a long seven years later. We were talking about the 1950's and shoes. I was just a little kid, so she should be more the authority; however, I really don't think she was paying much attention to me or shoes back then.

I remembered walking into a shoe store that had a big display on an oval rounder holding two rows of  kids shoes. Mostly Buster Brown....and his faithful dog Tige. Off to the back stood the topic of discussion. We could both describe it but had no idea what it was called.

"Remember that thing you put your feet into?" I inquired.

"Oh, yeah. Later they found out it was dangerous. Something to do with the x-rays. You could see through the shoe and your foot."

A tall box where you put your feet in new shoes in the bottom and looked through a golden scope into your shoes...and feet. I looked it up when I came home. A flouroscope. Seems it should have been called an invisibleshoeoscope or a seeyourtoebonesoscope. Regardless of what scope we were looking through, we were also allowing radiation to play havoc with our feet while sometimes these silly scopes leaked radiation. No wonder I have bunyons. I blame it on the shouldaknownbetteroscopes.

It was the last time I had my feet x-rayed, And, probably the only time shoes were x-rayed as well. I came home with a new pair of shoes. I believe the box said: “That’s my dog, Tige. He lives in a shoe. I’m Buster Brown. Look for me in there too.”

Wonder if it was Bradford or Greenville? Hm. Maybe it was Arcanum.

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