Friday, November 8, 2013

A friend request

"No, that can't be him," my friend said. We were about 2500 miles apart but picking up where we left off as teenagers.

"It is. I'm sure it's him." My friend and I found each other on Facebook about two years ago. An old friendship became something brand new. Sometimes we call one another just to laugh or even more importantly to check to see how the other is doing.

"Well, he didn't used to look that way," she continued. No, we have all changed over the years. When you find an old friend on Facebook, it is often hard to see that person you saw last when you graduated from high school. Those catty teenagers now see no flaws. We just see years that we have missed by not keeping in touch with those who were friends long ago.

I have to say that Facebook has added to my life. I've found cousins and acquaintances I barely knew when I was young. I've found old friends from church and school. The neighborhood kids that played together for years then lost touch can now share pictures and enjoy news of family. A gift has been given to us. The distance between Ohio and Oregon is just a keyboard away.

Sometimes I wonder what my mother would have thought of Facebook. Once she conquered her fear of it, she would have been searching for the many people who passed through our house. She would have been like a detective hot on the trail of loved ones and their families.

Each time my friend and I find someone knew, we reminisce about what we thought about back then. Once in a while old secrets creep out, and we share a chuckle. We talk of the loves and the sorrows in our lives and once more build on a friendship that began over fifty years ago. Facebook made this possible.

There is a joy in going back to the past with those who shared it with you. It's nice to have an old friend share your current joys and sorrows. Someone to listen and give you an opinion. Someone who calls and wants to talk. Many people criticize Facebook, but I think they are afraid to give it a try. For those of you who are my friends on Facebook, I thank you for coming back into my life.

My friend and I sat looking at the picture each on our own computer screen. "Well, I guess you're right," she finally admitted.

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