Friday, December 27, 2013

Off with the old

Off with the old, on with the new. That's supposedly what this transition from the old year to the new year represents. But we can't go forward with the new unless we build on the old. Unless we learn from the old.

I have a pile of old magazines. In this pile I found out that 1968 was an incredible year. So I decided to take a look and see if indeed is was incredible. The photo on the front cover is a view of earth from Apollo 8. Jim Lovell, Frank Borman and William Anders circled the moon 10 times shooting pictures never seen before. The first lunar orbit. Yep, that's pretty incredible. The Pueblo was seized. Mia Farrow was a flower child. Martin Luther King was assassinated in May. Robert Kennedy fell the next month. Jackie married Ari, and Nixon became President. A war was coming to an end and our boys were coming home. Discrimination was a dirty word and the line between black and white began to slightly fade.Tiny Tim, Mrs. Robinson, Arthur Ashe, Shirley Chisholm and a show called Laugh in were names readily recognized. Now that is incredible.

Cigarette ads filled the pages. Anacin announced that "When boredom and emotional fatigue bring on the 'housewife headache', a couple of Anacin will clear it up. A year subscription to Life Magazine was $8.75.  And I lived on Forest Park Drive in Dayton. At least that's what the address label says.

I sit looking at this issue of Life that cost me all of 40 cents back then, trying to mesh then with now. The time went so quickly and seems just like yesterday. This look back to a time when I was only 21 tells me a lot about myself. All of the ways I have adapted to this quickly changing world. The people who have been added to my life....and those who have been taken away. Still in all the ways we have grown, we are still holding back in many. Pockets of prejudice and violence reside with us. War still looms and mistrust abounds.

I leave 2013 knowing that the changes that take place during the lives of my grandchildren will be even more amazing when they look back to the time when they were young. The new hangs onto the edge of old, waiting for the baton to be passed. May you carry with you all you have learned during the old year and go into the new knowing that you can make it better for you everyone around you. What better resolution. Happy New Year, my friends!

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