Monday, March 24, 2014

Blue Velvet

"Mom, why do you read the obits?" my daughter once asked.

"Mom is no longer around. How else will I keep up on the news?!" I replied. My mother knew every wedding, funeral and birth that happened in the county and informed her daughters each time they called home.I keep up on the news by taking the Advocate online. I like that I am only a couple of clicks away from Neff Road. Once in awhile that quick check-in leaves me saddened and reflective. Sometimes......

I danced with a young man who liked the softness of my blue velvet dress. He held me close running his hand across the back of my dress. "Your dress feels good," he said. I had no idea how to reply. We were at the Armory dance. I was a very naive farm girl a little afraid of the town boys. This skinny kid continued to dance with me (or my dress). I didn't see him again until another dance at Arcanum High School. He showed up hoping I was there. I didn't wear the blue velvet and he still found me. By now we danced fairly well together. In fact, we won a dance contest.

The next summer I again ran into my dance partner at a park dance. He walked me to the car. We never had a date, but for some reason, this boy, as my mom would say, was smitten. He asked me to go steady with him and wanted me to have a medal that meant a great deal to him. I declined. I knew that Mom and Dad would not let me date a town boy.

I never saw the boy after that; however, recently I discovered that our lives had taken a parallel course. I went to Wright State majoring in journalism as did he. Yet we never saw one another. He went on to write and, well, evidently I followed the same path. During his life, he went into public relations as did I. When I was home the last time, I asked my friend Louise if she knew him. I was curious as to what had happened to him. When I found out that she did, I asked that she give him my regards.

We always wonder about the people who pass through our lives. My sister says that I do more than most. I figure that if you have a little history with me, then you have a part of me for life.

I no longer have that blue velvet dress, and the young man I once knew just passed away. Rest in peace, Jack. Thanks for the memories.

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