Sunday, April 6, 2014

A table of old friends

The table held three years....three years of graduates from Franklin Monroe High School. I was the only representative from my class. That was a few years ago. It was before the new gym. It was before the old school was torn down. It might even have been before I let my hair remain in its natural state of white with highlights of grey.

This year the class of 1964 was honored. Fifty years ago, this group of 'older grads' stood together receiving their diplomas. Next year the class of 1965 will move into the slot of honored. The year I went to the Alumni was a wonderful evening. I sat at a table with two good friends from the class of 1966 and three from the class of 1967. I was the lone grad of '65. No, we weren't well represented, but we were all in high school at the same time. We all shared the days of sitting in the bleachers cheering for the Jets. Those days of homework from the same teachers. Most of us had been together when the old 'new' gym was built. We had history.

The FM Alumni Banquet was Saturday night. My friend Sandy was going to go....without me. Sitting in Oregon, I was jealous. Many of the honored class were friends of mine. How I would love to have seen them again. I didn't want to just go eat a meal and watch the program. I want time to sit and just chat for hours with all of the people, my people, from the years I lived on Neff Road. Yes, I was jealous.

When I went to the banquet, not many locals were there. Perhaps I'm just a little weird, but I love seeing old friends over and over again. Maybe by living away, I have a different perspective. I know what I don't have any more. Even though I have lived in Oregon for over thirty years, the people who knew me in my growing up years have a special place in my heart. They are part of my memory scrapbook. When I go to the Alumni, I want to see them all!

Well, I missed out this year. I will be back on April 4th next year, looking once more for familiar faces. I don't feel old enough to be honored, but what the heck. The older I get, the more I realize what is truly important. Life is about people and the connections we make. Sometimes we find a walk through the past gives us memories that linger well into the future.


Axiesdad said...

Nice memories, I think I am a little envious of you. Any connection to my high school (class of '62) withered long ago. Our 50th was two years ago and there were only two people I would have liked to see again (only one was there)so I didn't bother with the four hour drive to get there.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Next year you can go with me. Our class will adopt you. At least we are guaranteed two!