Sunday, June 8, 2014

Age 5

Age 5 - "Pam, don't move!" Dad yelled. A short time later, Pam moves. "I told you to stand still!" In my head I was thinking, "Well, Dad, a 1,000 lb. cow was running straight at me. Seemed to be the thing to do." The cow and I knew I was the weakest link. I was so short the panicked cow probably didn't even see me. Seems to me that maybe Dad had it wrong.

Age 10 - "Pam, go around the other side. Don't let her through." Hm. A short time later Pam is frantically waving her arms. Cow and girl have a stand-off.  Cow looks a girl. Girl looks at cow. She really didn't care. Let the cow run. Was kinda fun chasing her. "Why did you move?" Dad asked. At this point I was wondering if Dad liked the cow better than me.

Age 15 - "Pam, get out there and help get the cow in. Pam! PAM!" There comes a time when a girl turns off her hearing. Usually happens when she becomes a teenager. I had chased chickens, cows, a horse and a few sheep in my time. The conversations between my dad and I were pretty much same over the years. I had come to the conclusion that Dad needed a son or two to do his dirty work. I needed to tease my hair and think about my boyfriend. Run free, sweet cow! Run free.

I love the memory of running across the yard along with the rest of the family, flapping our arms and screaming at a critter or two who just decided to take a walk. Once in a while we helped a neighbor whose cow probably wanted to visit our own. The chase livened up the day and sent Dad to the task of repairing a fence while yelling at one of his young ones who probably left the gate open. A family activity shared by all.

When the livestock no longer lived in the barns, and we woke to silent mornings, I missed the days of
the chase. The times when Brenda and I would climb the gate to watch the cows. Later when my children climbed the same gate marveling at the large beasts who lived at their grandparents' house. It has been a long way from then to now, but I know that if I come across a wandering beast, I will not run away from it. I might just run along with it.

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Axiesdad said...

I can SO relate! Chasing, herding, and confining cattle and pigs was a constant activity on the farms in Illinois where I grew up. One of the best parts was that it provided just enough of an excuse for my brother and I to have a horse to aid in the process. Thank you for another pleasant trip down memory Lane (our roads didn't have a name like "Neff" so I guess "Memory Lane" will have to do.