Saturday, June 28, 2014

An ocean canvas

Night time came. We took our chairs to the beach where my children sat at my feet. Night time had arrived. Our location was Cape Kiwanda, one of the many Capes along the Pacific Coast in Oregon. This was a first. I had seen fireworks many times before but never any that were shot into the sky over the ocean.

During early morning, this beach was lined with fishing boats waiting for the tide to come in. Fishermen would push their boats out to meet it. Later in the day these same boats would return home riding the waves onto the sand, bringing home their catch. At night the silhouette of the cape stands out against a starry sky.

The entire Oregon Coast is public. No hotels or private parties can own our beaches. You can walk from our northern border meeting the Columbia River to the southern border snuggled against  California and still be on public land. Thus our coastline is protected and stunning. Thankfully, I live only an hour away from a day on the beach.

Darkness came and as with all fireworks, we waited patiently. Well, sort of patiently. Then it happened. The first skyrocket shot into the sky. Not just a firework, but a lovely moment when the blue ocean becomes a July 4th canvas. I don't know how it was for the other people watching, but I was truly awed. I was torn between watching the sky and watching the Pacific reflection. Colors danced across the water, in the water. The fireworks in the sky seemed to melt into those just below. What a lovely sight.

We haven't been back to the coast for fireworks. Fireworks are shot up over the Columbia River. But in the years since, we have always favored going to our local fireworks. Those that began in the 70's as a few neighbors getting together for their own little display have grown to an event bringing hundreds to the still small neighborhood. A place to go to see friends.

Wherever you go for the 4th, please celebrate safely and make memories. My favorite resides in the blue Pacific.

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