Monday, June 2, 2014

Wearing the mantel

It was attached to the wall, serving no purpose at all. In front of it sat a figure of a dog. He sat there all through my growing up until my grandfather passed at the age of 90. A mantel on the wall with no fireplace to keep it company. A dog that couldn't bark or do much of anything. My curious mind began to wonder just why my grandparents had such things in their front parlor.

Their home wasn't the only home where I had seen a mysterious mantel absent the usual fireplace. And, the curiosity of a critter sitting by it was similar to that in the Johnson house. What in the world was happening! Did these people misplace their fireplaces? Did they feel the need to have a mantel but didn't want the mess of wood and ashes? Were their rooms warm enough without a warming fire? NO! My grandparents' front room was always cold. A fireplace would have been a nice addition.

In researching this mystery, I find that more and more modern homes are using old mantels in their modern decor of mantel on the wall minus fireplace. If they sit a ceramic dog in front of it, I will swear they have stolen an old idea. Yet, this seems to be a lovely way to add personality to a room. Or maybe it creates a conversation piece. A piece I am conversing about with no resolution.

I need to ask Geneva if they still have the mantel in the front room. I think the dog is long gone. In my estimation, they should have kept the two together, since they had gathered dust the same over those oh-so-many years.

This is a rather nonsensical piece, but the curious mind tends to ramble at times.  Perhaps your grandparents or parents had a mantel with a lonely animal keeping it company. Perhaps your mantel was wondering what the heck it was doing hanging on the wall. There are mysteries in this world. Questions left unanswered. And, perhaps topics better left alone.

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