Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dial it forward

The phone sat by the toy box. It's eyes rolling and forth when pulled around the room. "These kids will not know what an old phone was like." Said an adult at the twin's birthday party. And, indeed that is the way of it. I barely remember the old phone hanging on the wall with the big bells on the front. Then the dial phone came later changing to the push button phone. These were the changes seen in the time of my parents.

My granddaughter who is now age 2 can pick up my cell phone, unlock it and find an application I downloaded for her and her brother. She can pick up my camera, turn it on, point and shoot. The caller and callee can now see one another. I can check my mail, pay my bills, take a picture and look up bumfuzzle in the dictionary on my phone. What would my mother think?

Times change. I do not think that we ever give up the things we knew growing up, thinking them the best of times. I still hold dear to my heart the things of my past which I guess you realize since this is what I write often in this column. My sister and I skyped this morning on our computers. Wow! I love seeing her wonderful face as we talk. Still we did what we always do, recalling things from the past.

Recently, a friend posted a picture of our old homestead. As always, seeing my home brought tears to my eyes. "We certainly lived in a beautiful home, didn't we?" I said to my sister.  "Yes, we were very lucky."  she replied. Beautiful and full of memories. Not just walls but a place where history happened. Where an old crank phone was replaced by one with buttons. A radio replaced by a television. A pump replaced by indoor plumbing. An outhouse replace.....well, you get the point. I think perhaps we all store those treasures away despite the new 'fangled' things that come and go. A history resides in pictures and words. The layers of time built upon one another. I cannot begin to imagine what my grandchildren will experience in their time. I hope that I am receptive and excited to learn from them as the remote control and laptop fade into the past.

The little phone sat against the toy box with eyes that roll. Next to it sits a two-year-old holding toy cell phone.

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