Monday, August 4, 2014

Flavors of the past

"......was wondering if anyone out there has the recipe for the caramel cake that we used get for lunch at the elementary school," wrote Marsha on the Facebook Franklin Monroe page. Within seconds, the conversation took place among past FM students who once stood in the cafeteria waiting for that tasty cake. Jane came to the rescue. With a bit of online checking, Marsha can have her caramel cake.

It is interesting how one conversation can shake loose all sorts of memories. Some are triggered by taste, some by music, some perhaps by just a word or two. I shared this culinary conversation with my sister June.

"Wasn't the cafeteria by the back door?" I asked her.

"Yes. Before that it was in the basement where the band moved after the school started sending grades 9-12 to Monroe. It was the Home Ec Room before the cafeteria moved there."

I was a little kid, probably first grade. I remember pushing that tray across the front of the food case just waiting to eat something a little different than what we ate at home. Canned corn, butter bread sandwiches, applesauce in little dishes. "On Fridays we had mac and cheese." June added.

"Didn't we have fish, too?" I asked. She informed that we had fish because the Catholics couldn't eat meat on Friday. I had never met a Catholic in Franklin Township when I was a kid so didn't know why we had fish. We had Mennonites, German Baptists, Brethren, Methodists, Christians, etc, but no Catholics. Well, it didn't matter. I loved those little squares of fish on Friday, so I guess I owe them a big thank you.

"Ok," I wrote in this Facebook conversation. "Now work on the recipe for the chocolate cake with the chocolate sauce." (Might as well get my two bits in.) Again Jane comes to the rescue.

"That is hot fudge cake!" she said and promptly posted a recipe. Women from difference years at FM coming together to remember days of their childhood. The flavors of the school cafeteria.The desserts we haven't had in decades but remember vividly.

This community we have recently formed, even though we were years apart in school, is drawn together remembering the flavors of the past. A support system that through technology is drawn together in conversation. Do you remember the flavors of the past?

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