Monday, October 6, 2014

Neff Road/Neff Road

"I remember riding my bike on the gravel road," my sister June told me after I asked a few questions about Neff Road. Hm. I was trying to figure out if I remembered the road before the black tar was poured. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I seemed to remember the disappearance of the gravel and the new surfaced road.

"Remember the floor boards of the bridge before it was tarred?" she asked.

Well, I find that the older I get the more "hm's" I seem to express. What do I really remember and how old was I if I do truly remember? Pros and cons of aging.Yes, I seemed to remember the wooden floor of the bridge.

"I think our road was one of the last roads to be paved since Neff Road really didn't go any place." June continued.

She is a genius. I have always believed anything she has ever told me. God help me if I am just gullible. Hm. It was true. Pitsburg/Gettysburg, Red River/West Grove. I guess that if you got onto one of these roads, you need not worry about where it was going because the road name told you where you would end up. On Neff Road you just ended up on the other end of Neff Road.

"I remember when Stager's moved there," she continued. (I was getting a little tired of her 'continuing' since I couldn't remember things I never knew).

"You mean they didn't always live there?" I rather naively asked. "Of course, they didn't always live there! They lived down from Dave and Mary (Hollie Stager's parents)."

Well, you learn something new every day. Hm. "Was Brenda born then?" I asked.

"I don't know!" she replied. Seems to me she was getting a little testy by then.

"Hm. I wonder if the road was paved."

We always wanted Dad to pave the lane. In reflection there is a little voice in me that says that they considered it when the road was tarred. But by now I'm afraid to ask my sister. I think she is long past caring about the condition of the road, where it came from or where it went, and who lived there when. Sometimes my best resource is out of sorts.

I'm glad that road was paved when I was riding my bike around selling magazines and potato chips for my class project. It gave Brenda and I hours of fun popping the tar bubbles caused by the hot weather. The clip clop of the horses passing by the house echoed on that paved road. Yep, Neff Road didn't need to go anywhere for me. I liked it just fine. Neff Road/Neff Road.

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