Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time out

Time for a change. Literally, time for a change. Or, perhaps, change of a time. Daylight Savings Time. What ever happened to the wonderful days of ordinary standard time. No hopping ahead. No dropping back. Just time. The clocked just ticked the same as it had all the days before. Internal clocks remained constant. Hm. Time for a change. Change of a time. Bah humbug.

Time has a way of hopping around whether we like it or not. If we travel across the country, we change time zones. If we make a call coast to coast or internationally, we must adjust to the time differences. Time, you are a tricky rascal. I wonder if the sundial was this complicated?

Time flies by when you're having fun. Time slips through your fingers. Time and time again we hear about time. Time for this. Time for that. Time for a change. Time to change your socks. I seem to be locked into a time warp! Help!!!

Well, not that I had a vote in it, but time did change. I supposedly got an extra hour of sleep. I'm not sure since I stayed up late in order to capture that extra hour and not get too far off my daily routine. I can't track that extra hour, since I was asleep when it crept out door. I noticed that it hadn't left yet when I got into my car and again when I looked at my watch. Evidently, time doesn't go as quickly when you physically change the clocks. My phone and my computer knew that the time had changed even before I got up to acknowledge the fact. Hm. I wonder if they saw that hour creep away.

I remember when my children were young. The time change always brought with it irritable babies, wanting to eat earlier than the clock permitted or didn't want to sleep because the clock played a trick on them.  For several days their irritability seemed to spill over into the rest of the family. Children trudged school. Farm animals wondered why the farmer changed his hours of visitation. The rooster was so confused that it had to be institutionalized. Time changes are not for the weak.

At least in the fall we do get to capture that extra hour. Following closely on the heels of this extra hour rides the recognition that in a few months that hour will be snatched from our greedy hands and tossed to the wind not to be recovered for a few more months.

Perhaps this timely column is telling you things that you already know. I apologize and promise not to repeat this time and time again. For now....ah, that extra hour.

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