Monday, January 12, 2015

Always a good day

Off and on all day long:  "MeMe, I go potty." Emma calls. "Me, too" (which comes out 'Me, poo') Nolan echoes. This  has been my last three days and nights. Mommy and Daddy went to NYC., and I kept the twins. Potty training is progressing, and I am the designated driver. On top of that, any time between 1:30 and 4:30am, Nolan wanders to my bed. About an hour later, Emma joins the family. All night long I dodge feet that bounce off on my kidneys and a little girl who wants to sleep as close as possible to her MeMe, and would be happiest if she could actually sleep on top of me.  As much as I love these little tykes, I am ready for some sleep and down time. Seems that this year so far is a little iffy.

On New Year's Eve I was ill. Had no voice. Felt lousy. Then I got a call that my dear Margaret had passed away. Now all this is bad enough, but I was not prepared when we were told last week that our store is closing, and we have no jobs the end of the month. When I called my son to tell him the news, he said, "Mom we're only on day five of this year!" Seems to me that this year is not starting off well.

Well, as the saying goes, things can only go up from here. If it gets worse, I am in big trouble. I sat down to write this column and thought....and thought....and in truth, had no thoughts. My brain that is functioning with no sleep for three days refuses to look for thoughts. The blank page reflecting blank thoughts. Not a good start to the year.

Mom and Dad had many, many bad days, months and years, yet you never heard them complain. Mom always said, "There were others much worse off than the Loxley family." All you have to do is look at the news and realize that your problems are mighty small. Life moves forward regardless of lack of sleep or an employment future that is in limbo. As I tell customers who wish me a good day, "I always have a good day. Why would I choose otherwise?"

So I leave you with this. I have a few bruises and sore spots this morning. I also have wonderful memories of two little ones spending time snuggling up with their MeMe. My friend Margaret had a wonderful, long life. I was blessed to know her. I already have a possible new job. If it does not pan out, I will find another. Yes, I have been warned by the events thus far this year that life is to be lived with gusto, embracing those we love and getting off our duffs to be successful. Yawn. Oh my. Nap time!

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