Monday, January 19, 2015

My Nirvana

Did you have a Neff Road? Did you have a childhood where you could run in the fields and play in the woods? Did you ride on a tractor with your Dad and gather eggs for your Mom? Did you hang clothes on the line and use a wringer washer? Did your ride a horse to the creek and feel the strength of it beneath you? Did you play in a corn crib or hide in the corn stalks? Did you bale hay or eat raw oats? Did you squish tobacco worms and walk behind the planter replacing missed plants? Did you look for baby kittens or cuddle a lamb?

Did you go to a church where everyone helped raise you? Did you play the piano and sing for Sunday service? Did you help take food to ill neighbors? Were you hugged and welcomed as one of their own? Did you go on a hayride? Or swing from the barn swing? Did you?

Have you seen babies bunnies hidden beneath leaves? Have you watched a hawk dive and catch a fish? Have you sat for hours by the fishing hole catching nothing or pulled in fish one right after the other? Have you ice skated on a pond wearing double bladed skates or skated around the basement on metal skates that clamped onto your shoes? Have you ever found a morel mushroom? Did you ever eat one?

Have you been inspired by a night sky or the birth of a baby lamb? Have you watched a dung beetle move a ball slowly down the back lane? Have you ever watched a praying mantis or worn a cicada shell? Did you ever step on a bee? Have you ever gone barefoot for three months? Did you ever blow on a dandelion or pull apart a thistle pod? Have you seen the Dutchman's britches hanging in a row or the ginger blossom hidden close to the earth? Have you seen Jack in the pulpit or the violet king soaking his feet?

Have you known unconditional love from neighbors? Have you been on a road where everyone comes out to greet you? Did you ever feel at home no matter which of those houses you visited? Did you ever have a Neff Road?

I did. My own Nirvana.

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