Saturday, February 21, 2015

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking

Wristlets were delicate watches for women. Real men carried a pocket watch. Small watches hung on a fine change were created for women. Ah, the wristlet was thought to be just a passing fancy. However, real need for a wristwatch would change the attitude of those 'real' men when WWI came knocking. The sweet little wristlets were turned into watches on leather straps that soldiers could wear freeing up hands during battle. That passing fancy never passed.

My grandtwins were about eighteen months old when they began wearing MeMe's watch. I cautiously supervised as they dangled it on their tiny wrists. Each time I spent time with them the watch came off and the twins took turns trying it on. Now at twenty-six months they put the watch on to their feet as well as on their arms enjoying a bit of  a grown up thing.

My babies would be restless. I placed my ticking watch up to their ears and the wiggles ceased. The tick, tick, tick soothed them their eyes full of wonder. Tick, tick, tick. I even remember listening to my father's watch on many a Sunday morning while wiggling on the pew at Painter Creek Church. Tick, tick, tick.

So what happens if we ever reach a time where we are tossed out of this world of technology? What happens if the computers and phones go off-line or our access to batteries is hindered? Hm. Of course we can go back to watching the sun and moon moving across the sky...that is, if anyone knows how to read the sun and the moon moving across the sky. Or, perhaps one could dig up an old wristwatch that continues to tick, tick, tick after years of resting in a box of old family jewels.

There are many things from the past that I do not miss at all. The old phone that hung on the wall. The outhouse. The old wringer washer. Yes, the list contains many things of the past that hold memories but not ones I care to have continued to the present time. But the ticking of that wristwatch? A child listening to the tick, tick, tick while snuggled in my arms. Sweet time sitting on my daddy's lap with his watch pressed to my ear. The ticking watch that reminded me when class would be over, when a date would drive up the lane, when the minutes ticked off until prom, when the last seconds would pass before I walked down the aisle. Tick, tick, tick. Yes, that I miss.

As John Cameron Swayze said for Timex, "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

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Axiesdad said...

Sweet memories. They reminded me of when I was very small and being able to hear my grandma's 8 day clock ticking from two rooms away.