Thursday, April 9, 2015

A trip back home

Memories collect like dust on an old shelf left to itself far too long. They pile up and together make a grey blanket lying there until ruffled by the feather duster. Well, the feather duster came calling this week.  The memories danced in the air, and we caught every one of them savoring them in ways we haven't in the past. Fifty years away from the classroom, the cafeteria food, Mrs. Frantom's Home Ec and Mr. Dafler's Geometry. A school now gone, but the days of young kids playing on new playground equipment and those of jump rope in the yard not forgotten.

We picked up where we left off only better this time. We are no longer little children or even young adults concerned with our own lives. Hugs, kisses, embraces long overdue. Drawn together in our youth, we now cherish what we have in our later years, making it all new once more. For those who live locally, not caring to join us, there was a hurt, a missing that we wished they felt as well. With the loss of four of our class members, we knew that this little chunk of time together was important. We wanted to say 'hello' and hoped that it would not be forever 'good-bye". 

The Alumni Banquet brought even more into my circle of loved ones from the past. I say loved ones because they share a special time that means a great deal to me.  Each and every face was a piece of my years back that lane on Neff Road. Past school employees, those who attended school with my sisters, those in the grades above me and behind me, they warm my heart and make it sing. I was blessed to be part of those years at Franklin Monroe. I was blessed to be a farm girl who grew up with mud between her toes and an outhouse back behind the corn crib. A simpler time when decades later we returned once more…..because we cared to make the effort.

For you who have not moved away, please know that you are part of those memories of us who did find our lives away from our roots, our past friends and school mates. When we return, we want to see you again. Know that we share a past, a lovely past. We bring our lives to you, hoping you care and want to know where the years have taken us.  I returned home with a new friends. Oh, yes, they were my old classmates, but we have new beginnings now.  We made a pledge to see one another whenever possible. We have been given a gift.

Thank you to my friends and family for spending time with me. I have very little family there anymore.  Yet, I will return. I will visit with Janet and Geneva catching up on the local news. I will count myself blessed for those of you in my life. For you who read this little weekly column, thank you. You humble me. I send my love to you all and look forward to my return to Neff Road.

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