Thursday, April 16, 2015

It is a gift

Two or three times a week her face pops up on my computer screen. Yep, my sister June is just a few clicks away. I'm in Oregon. She is in Angola, Indiana, yet we are carrying on a conversation as if we are in the same room. I love Skype.

The beauty of having siblings is that we share a common past, memories, history. These are the only people who know it all. They are the family encyclopedia, the keeper of feelings and the eyes of a recorder. When one of us forgets a facet of our past, the other usually can remember. Sometimes a memory long forgotten by both of us surfaces.

Example: In one or our recent, rambling conversations, June said, "You can always learn to crochet. (a reference to Mom)."  I reply that my bad thumbs will not allow me to crochet but then again, perhaps I could macrame. A new conversation ensues talking about macrame. I wish I had some those old macrame pieces. I'd send one to her. The remnants of the 60's are long gone except for a Santa my dear cousin Betty made for me. I was never as artistic as my sister, but I could tie knots with the best of them. Memories of times that warm the heart are alive again as we meet face to face.

My mother would have loved Skype. She could have spent time with her grandchildren even though they lived in various parts of the US. I could have spent more time with my parents. I cannot even begin to think what the future will hold for my grandchildren. Someday they will think that Skype is old fashion and obsolete. For now I embrace it and am thankful that it keeps my sister nearby.

How fun it would have been for us to have had some type of multi-Skype, so our classmates who could not come to the reunion could still have been in the same room with us, sharing a very special time. This day of technology has something for all of us. It requires a bit of learning which keeps the mind sharper. Keeping up with new technology allows me to be a really "with it" grandma for my teenage granddaughters. And, it enriches my life in ways I never dreamed of long ago, sitting in front of that old Raytheon TV.

For those of you who do not know how to Skype and have the opportunity to use a computer, it is a wonderful way to stay connected and close to those you love. When I travel or my kids travel, I am still in contact with them. On my recent trip home, I skyped with the twins. They dashed in front of the camera, telling me all about their activities. A Grammy who was far away was once again in the same room, loving every minute with the chatty tots. Distance didn't mean separation. Skype held us together.

Maybe one day we will have a live newspaper or blog where we can talk face to face with readers. The possibilities are endless and exciting.  Living is all about change and recreating ourselves to be more adventurous and alive. It is a gift.

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