Sunday, May 24, 2015

Life's yardstick

Perhaps we don't measure our lives so much in years as we do in numbers, in events. We measure it in generations, in inventions, in medical advances, etc. I can count the years of since my birth, but there is so much more to measure in the measuring of our lives.

My sister June and I often talk about the past and the things I can remember, those she can't and vice versa. We look at the past in new ways understanding that we are a product of the part of the country we were raised in and by the history that took our family from back when to now. It is a lot to take in if one sits down to count it all up. It is impossible.

A few of my classmates and I took a tour of the new Franklin Monroe High School. What a lovely sight to behold. Recycling and environmental impact were at the forefront of design. Up-to-date classrooms with computers and rooms designed for the arts. A new gym with a floor so shiny that it seemed a shame to ever walk on it. I couldn't take that tour without going back to the numbers, the measurement of time. Three gyms had crossed my path from childhood to here. A school was torn down and another went up. We measure by the life we lead.

The funny thing about having older siblings is that their measurements of events seem to add to yours even if you don't remember those years. Homes went from basic homes of comfort with no frills to central heating, bathrooms, dishwashers, microwaves, all the things that measure advancement of time. Sometimes we measure in losses. Those are the difficult ones, yet they are the ones that teach us the most about life.

I write about the past; however, I don't live with the past. Counting the years in knowledge, constantly learning and changing, are probably the best of the measuring. Change has been that yardstick that tells me how tall in wisdom I have grown. We do not stand still.

Life is measure in years, in the events and changes over those years. I couldn't possibly count how old I am in life events. I think I'll stick with my sixty-eight years and counting.

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Axiesdad said...

I love this thought provoking line, " I can count the years of since my birth, but there is so much more to measure in the measuring of our lives." Your posts always take me back to my own "Neff Road."