Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Chapter

Should I write? What will I write? Who wants to read what comes out of my empty head anyway? Questions I have asked myself over the last seven years. Thanks to Carol DeMaio and dear friends and readers, my questions have been answered.

Last Friday Carol set up a meet and greet for me, so I could catch up with friends and meet some of you I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. Only coming in for one full day did not make for a variety of times to choose from. I told Carol that she and I would probably be the only people there drinking coffee for three hours. Much to my surprise we had people waiting for us to arrive. To each of you who made the effort to come visit with me, thank you. Your lovely faces mean the world to me. I only wish I had more time to visit with each of you. And for those of you who just stopped in to thank me for the column, you are a blessing.

I had the honor of hugging old friends and renewing old acquaintances. The past flew to the present. Those of us who grew up on or around Neff Road are once more given a chance to begin again. Those of you who traveled a distance thrilled my heart. Aren't we lucky? All we have to do is reach out to others and find that they are just waiting to reach out to you in return. It is a fine place where I spent my childhood days.

Per requests. we will do this again in the not so distant future. You have convinced me to continue to write Neff Road. And, even more exciting for me, I have decided to finish two books I have been sitting on. Of course, one is the writings from Neff Road and the other is A Grandparent's Voice. Soon I should be out of a cast with my newly renovated thumb ready to type up a storm.

Yes, I feel this is another chapter. Readers, you are my inspiration, my history, my future. You are the ones making memories for your families. A history written every day. Again, thank you for embracing me so warmly. I am not worthy and so very humbled. Please do email me. I love hearing from home.

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