Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chill in the air

That time of the year when summer is tucked away and fall has taken her leave(s). The grey skies that
make you think that it is evening all day long. And, most of all, that chill in the air that only comes with the first frosts. Winter.

I sit in my writing place in our 'crow's nest' looking out over the valley. In the distance I see Mt. St. Helens glowing with winter's first mountain snow. Outside the window our little hummingbirds seem to fight just for the heck of it. The huge fir tree looming over the back of the house is alive with birds of all types. I can hardly take my eyes off the view from the window.

We sat by the window in the kitchen back the lane. Mom always wanted a big window with a bar and stools below it, so she and Dad could sit there watching the comings and goings on Neff Road. The red maple outside the window was filled with lively activity. The bird feeder was enticement to draw them close enough for the window viewing.

By the time the kitchen was remodeled, the Loxley girls had all moved away. Coming home meant that we got to enjoy that beautiful kitchen and even more so, the new bathroom with a tub!!! Sometimes we lament that we had an outhouse when we were growing up, and as I child I took a bath in the kitchen sink until I outgrew it. The new kitchen had a dishwasher, so the previous dish washers could retire. Perhaps we enjoyed the new room more having experienced the old.

We all took turns sitting on those stools, enjoying the view as much as Mom and Dad did. We sat our toddlers on the counter, showing them the wonders of Neff Road. Long talks were held by the window. Long talks and a pot of coffee.  We watched as cars came down the road, maybe coming to the Loxley house. We watched for family and friends as they drove or walked up the lane. We watched Dad go down the lane for the mail, and for family members returning from a walk to the bridge. This was our window on the past, and one we still visit in our hearts now and then.

I look out my window over the valley to the hills far away and think how my Dad would have loved this lofty view, especially of the birds. There is not a time that I sit there that I am not drawn back to the farm and that wonderful window. We should all have such windows. Those that tug on the heart. Those that evoke smiles. Windows into the creation of all who care to look.

There's a chill in the air. Perhaps it won't be long until I see snow.

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