Sunday, December 8, 2019

Dreams between the pages

Indeed it was a dream book. The pages held my dreams, then those of my children and even again for my older granddaughters. Christmas catalogs from Sears and Penneys were leafed through time and time again. Of course, there is the old outhouse use of catalogs that we always laughed about. And, I know my parents often bought family staples from those pages throughout the year. But there was indeed nothing like Christmas catalogs.

There was always a bit of sadness when I went from buying baby toys to moving up the chain of toys for each advancing age of the children. Still I loved to browse the pages, dreaming of yesterdays and tomorrows. Toys for my babies. Toys for my grandchildren. Gift ideas for all the family. 

I remember the anticipation of receiving the catalog. It was delivered to the house for years. Then in later years, we ended up going to the store to pick one up. It was as if a door had slammed in my face when I went to the check out and asked for a new Christmas catalog. "We no longer carry them." WHAT?!?!? How could this be? No catalog for me??? I felt I should shrug or hide under the rug, but there were no toys to see. (Oops, I went Dr. Seuss on you). Thus you can see how losing the catalog affects me. I have spent hours over my lifetime perusing the pages of catalogs. I circled toys. I made my Christmas list from the book. My anticipation was dashed away, dashed away, dashed away all. 

This is a real disappointment for us all. For in losing the catalog, we have lost a tradition that, by all the stars above, should never have been discontinued. One year, I tore all of the toy pictures from the catalog and pasted them onto my Santa letter. On some I just glued a corner and put an arrow on the front, because I wanted the toy on the back of the picture as well. Christmas catalogs were my Christmas vacation entertainment!

Ah, my venting will do no good. We now sit around the fire and talk of the olden days of thick Christmas books that didn't tell a story, but instead captured our childhood desires and carried us away with anticipation. Tis the season of dreams for all ages. Many of mine still reside among those pages where once a little girl planted her wishes.

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